Monday, April 14, 2014

Registration Open for the Two Week Triathlon!

The Two-Week Triathlon begins in just two weeks on Monday, April 28th! We are so excited how many of you have expressed interest in joining us with this fun challenge!

The Two-Week Triathlon will run from April 28-May 12, 2014. You will have two full weeks to complete all the components of the ironman triathlon (or triathlon of your choosing- see below). Registration is free, but we'd love to have you register as we will be sending some information via email and cheer you on through social media - please use the hashtag #PTFtriathlon so everyone else can do the same!

Swim distances can be completed in a pool or in open water.  You will just want to make sure you know the length of the pool you are using so you can track your mileage. The pool that I'll be using is 25 yards with a lap (down and back) being 50 yards.  Approximately 36 full laps (down and back) equals 1 mile. Any stroke is acceptable and paddle board and other floatation devices are okay to use, just nothing motorized.

 If you're looking for a pool in your area, try here or here for an available listing. If you have a gym in your area with a pool, you can also usually get a guest pass to try it out for a few days to a week. Since we are doing this at our own pace, you can decide how you want to split up the mileage, but three days should be sufficient.

Bike distances can be completed on open road or on a stationary bike.  Check the weather and make sure you have an indoor location (stationary bike) as a backup.

Run distances can be completed on open road or on a treadmill. And the mileage can be completed either walking, running, or a mixture of both.

There are some great apps out there to help you track your running and biking distances and that help keep you motived by seeing your progression. Running apps now are great for tracking your route, pace, distance, etc. I've used all three of these and my personal favorite is Runkeeper.

1. Runkeeper (free)

2. Nike+ Running (free)

3. MapMyRun (free)

As for biking apps, I have yet to use one myself, but because we love our readers so much, we did the research for you! Here are a few great bike apps that will track your route and be your personal GPS.

1. Runtastic Road Bike (free)-- this will give you updates at each 1 mile intervals. Pretty cool!

2. Strava (free)

So now's your chance! Fill out this quick registration and you'll be ready to start in a couple weeks-- 2 weeks from today, in fact! We'll send a couple emails giving you tips and tricks along the way, including ways you can break up your mileage, a nice sheet to check off your mileage (which is kind of fun to do), and other fun stuff. Feel free to spread the word and have your friends join in! Email us or comment below with any questions.

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