Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Healthy Habits Challenge April: 7 Keys to a Healthy Life

Hello! Welcome to a brand new month of our Healthy Habits Challenge. We hope you've been able to follow along as we've talked about healthy habits, but if not - click here to look back at all the awesome advice my fellow "Pass the Freshers" have posted!

This month, I want to focus on 7 Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle -
First off, I want to state the obvious - choosing a healthier lifestyle isn't always easy or convenient. We all hear (or give) the same excuses:

"I don't eat very healthy because who has time for that?"
"By the time I'm done with work everyday, I'm far too exhausted to work out."
"We eat out almost every night because cooking just takes too much time and effort."
"Eating healthy is too expensive!"

Honestly, I probably find myself giving one of these excuses almost everyday.  I used to not enjoy cooking healthy foods because I didn't think they were as yummy or as exciting. Aaaannnddddd I'm pretty much addicted to sugar so that played a key role in my healthy eating journey. But I promise that choosing healthier options, both in the kitchen and at the gym, can be yummy and rewarding. If you don't believe me - just keep reading. You'll see!!

Over the next four weeks of our April Healthy Habits Challenge, I am going to offer 7 keys to creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. So, let's dive in!

Anyone who has ever tried to live a healthier lifestyle knows 99.9% of the time - it starts with nutrition. This is the key ingredient to keeping your body healthy. One important aspect to eating right is remembering the rule "we eat to live NOT live to eat." When we realize this - we understand that those easy to grab, convenience foods aren't going to help us live the way we want. When choosing our foods, we should remember these rules:
  1. Choose lean proteins
  2. Choose complex carbohydrates
  3. Choose healthy fats
  4. Eat often (5-7 small meals per day)
  5. Eat every 2-3 hours (to help keep your metabolism in balance and get rid of those highs and lows we experience throughout the day)

 I don't know how to stress this one more. WATER IS INVALUABLE!!!!! Not only is it important, we really cannot live without it! (Obviously)
WebMD teaches us...

Since increasing my water intake a few months ago - I've noticed a rise in my energy/endurance levels, less headaches, less eating when I'm not hungry, and I just feel better all around!
Drink water people - your body will thank you!!

So, here is the take home mission and goal for this week:
Pay attention to the foods you are eating - and notice how your body reacts to these foods. 
Remember, "we eat to live NOT live to eat." Do good to your body and give it healthy, worthwhile foods! And, don't forget to hydrate!! You can't go wrong with adding more water :)

(Information adapted from Max Muscle.)

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