When did PTF launch and how often do you post recipes?
Pass the Fresh launched in September 2013 after our family of four sisters (2 original and 2 married-in) decided that we wanted to team up to share ideas about how to make our cooking, eating, and lives in general simpler, healthier, and still totally yummy. You’ll see that each of us posts one recipe per week, with bonus “Refresh Recipes” and “Indulgence Moment” recipes each week. We have been enjoying working together to build and share our food ideas as we “Pass the Fresh.”

Where do you get your recipes and can I post them on my site?
We love getting others’ ideas and sharing our ideas with you! We try to respect others’ creativity by always citing where our recipes and ideas come from, and always using our own images. We ask that you do the same with our material.

How are the four of you connected?
To find out more about each of us individually, and our family connection, be sure to read more "About Us."

How does the Simple, Healthy, Yum rating system work?
When we launched PTF, we wanted to let people know how each recipe stacked up in each of our goals to be Simple, Healthy, and Yum. So, we developed a rating system to make it easy to know how we rank each recipe. We try to make sure we’re finding a balance of foods that we make, while making sure we’re giving plenty of recipes that we think get high star ratings. For more about what each rating means, click here.

What link parties do you link your recipes?
PTF bloggers love sharing our recipes and reading others! We're always looking for new, healthy recipes and link parties are a great way to do this. We link up to these link parties... come join us!

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