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Simple. Healthy. Yum!

2 sisters + 2 sisters-in-law = Pass the Fresh 4!

We are two sisters who gave up our last name to two new sisters who were willing to put up with our crazy brothers. Living in three different states, and each with our own unique tastes and styles, all four of us are committed to keeping our lifestyles as healthy as we can. We also realize, though, that life is already complicated enough, and that living and eating healthy should not make it more complicated. So with Pass the Fresh, we are trying to find the balance between keeping it simple, keeping it healthy, all while still making sure we keep it yummy (the kids - and the husbands - have to be willing to eat it, after all!).

Our Pass the Fresh Passions:
  • SimpleLife is complicated, cooking and eating shouldn’t be. 
  • Healthy … Good food can still be good for us. 
  • Yum! … Simple and healthy can still taste good (and it’s also okay to indulge once in a while!). 


Hi, I'm Deb and I live in beautiful Colorado with my husband, Casey and my three children, ages 1-5. I love working out so you can find me at the gym most mornings doing HIIT mixed with crossfit. My family loves being outdoors and we're spending the weekends hiking the trails near by. I'm a baker at heart and challenged myself a couple months ago to cut out white sugar from our diet. It did not go well... AT ALL. Not only did I miss an occasional sweet, I found myself completely paralyzed in the kitchen, having no idea what to cook, even if it was a seemingly simple dinner. I quickly realized that I needed to take a slower path rather than quit white sugar cold turkey. (My family thanks me for noticing that before I starved them!) Pass the Fresh will be a great challenge for me and I'm looking forward to making my favorite recipes more healthy and simple too!



I'm Cami (aka Cambria)! The wife of a perpetual graduate student, my husband, Jon, and I have moved from Colorado to Northern California for his studies. Along the way, I've picked up a love for healthy food, active living, and experimental cooking. I love new recipes, and I love trying out new foods in my cooking. However, I'm also a "shortcut" cook, and as the mother of two little ones I am constantly looking for ways to keep my cooking interesting and healthy, without having to devote a lot of time or attention in the kitchen. I'm excited to both share and learn with Pass the Fresh!


Hi, I'm Crystal! I grew up in Washington, and after moving to Utah to attend school I soon met my awesome husband, Matt. We just had our first baby boy in June. I love being active, working out, and having a good time! With school and a new family, I'm still figuring out how to juggle it all. My goal is to make life a little easier with these simple and healthy meals! Hope you enjoy!


I'm Kaitlyn - the "sugar tooth" of the group. My husband Jordan and I currently live in "Happy Valley" Utah, where we work, attend school, spend time with family, and try to squeeze in some healthy meals in between. We're all about fast meals - but struggle finding ones that aren't loaded with calories and then end up leaving us hungry an hour later. With our motto of, "Simple, Healthy, Yum." I'm hoping to bring you some of our favorite recipes - with an occasional "sugar tooth" recipe just to add a little spice to your kitchen!

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